Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hoppy heart

I live in somewhat of a craft beer desert. Yes, some cheeky BrewDog Punk IPA cans from Sainsburys or a shitload of U.K. microbrew online are a lucky lifeline but sometimes it's nice to physically get my hands on some of the UK most exciting brews and buy them there and then.

Sourced Market in St. Pancras Station always has a great selection of beers by The Kernel (and other beers from the U.K, USA and Europe). For those not in the know, they are one of the UK's most exciting microbreweries. Whatever there is in stock, I eagerly buy and get in the fridge as quickly as possible.

This time I got my hands on some single-hopped India Pale Ales. In order of alcoholic strength, Up first was Galaxy at 6.8%. Murky orange colour with an earthy but fruity (tropical) aroma. On the tongue, a tickling bitterness of tropical fruit from these Australian hops that go superbly with the malt. A moreish and well balanced beer. It's not "LOOK I HAVE HOPS IN ME", its "I have hops in to make me a tasty well-balanced beer". If only beer could talk... (and could have lasted longer)

Next up was Citra at 7.2%, seemimgly 2011's hop de jeur. This made me think of the wretched pints of Oakham citra I end up thinking "it'll be better this time" at my local 'Spoons (their fault! Not Oakham's, which I should strive to try in a bottle). This beer is definitely less malty and more hop driven, it obviously has an incredibly citrusy taste and aroma. A very bitter aftertaste and, in my opinion, a less well-balanced beer. This beer is a bit more 'harsh' than the Galaxy and a bit less enjoyable.

Last up was the big and boozy Stellar at 7.4%. On the nose, a sugary even flowery aroma. A bright and clean taste, with the alcohol coming through in spades as in stays on your tongue and in your throat. Definitely a hop forward character with a grapefruity bitterness and an alcoholic burn. Moreish like the Galaxy beer/hops but this beer is more heady, more 'fizzy' in a good way and has an alcoholic punch compared to the other two beers.

Which would I buy again? Galaxy first - I loved how the hops and malts were well balanced. The bitterness came through but wasn't too astringent or harsh, which I felt was to Citra's detriment. I liked the alcoholic punch of Stellar, but that was more percentage than the hops which I did enjoy. If I could only have one, it would be the Galaxy. Cheers to the The Kernel for making great beers and Sourced Market to stocking them, I know I'll see you both again soon!

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