Saturday, 23 April 2011

Why do I blog about beer?

This was the question asked by the organizers of the first Beer Bloggers' Conference to win a free ticket to the event. A 140-character answer on twitter about why I blog about beer, my answer was

"I blog about beer because beers excites my imagination and stimulates discussion and good times".

Apart from my woeful spelling and grammatical errors, guess what?! I won!!

I was considering going to the BBC anyway, but it's right before my last university exam and did not think it would be wise! Doesn't matter now, I'm going! Such an interesting combination of lectures about beer history, brewing, blogging and, best of all, meals, beer tasting sessions and some evening parties. It is worth missing out on some revision.

The last conference I attended was about British colonial Cyprus. For eight hours. In a very small room on a very hot day. This conference looks like a much more exciting prospect, and since it's free I'm going to 'drink it up' like no tomorrow. Such a great opportunity to meet fellow beer enthusiasts, industry players and some genuinely nice beer-loving down to earth people.

Can't wait!

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